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Customer Loyalty Scheme

Your customer account accumulates reward points with every purchase you make.

Every Eur3.00 spent earn you 1 point. Upon accumulating 150 points you may choose to have them redeemed for a Eur15.00 discount on the bill of your successive purchase! Alternatively you may choose to keep accumulating points indefinitely and redeem them entirely or partially any time you like!

Our fiscal receipts list the amount of points earned for the respective purchase as well as the total accumulated number of points. This will enable you to keep updated with the status of your customer loyalty account.

It is important to note that if your customer account has accumulated enough points to warrant a discount on your purchase we will not execute the deduction automatically. The responsibility to manage your earned points is yours. At checkout you will be given the opportunity to either apply the discount on your purchase or save your points for another day!

You are not obliged to hoard our receipts to keep track of your points. Should you at anytime wish to check your points balance you may contact us by phone and our staff will be happy to assist you.