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If you like shopping for your groceries, housekeeping supplies, and personal care products at great prices and in a friendly environment where staff are mindful of your presence, courteous and always at hand to assist, then you would certainly feel at home shopping in-store at our Swatar retail outlet. Shop in-store and either take your shopping home with you or leave the carrying to our home  Delivery Service.  We look forward to having you!

Home Deliveries.

You may run a busy work schedule or you’re minding the kids and have little or no time to drop by to do your own shopping. Perhaps you’re feeling under the weather today and home is the place to be, or you’re not feeling up to venturing out into the elements - but still need your supplies. Our Home Delivery Service can step in to save the day!  Place your order online through our new web Xperience and have your shopping delivered  to your door at no extra charge! Visit our Delivery Service Information and  Delivery Schedule pages.

Order Pickup.

If you're tight for time you can place your order with us and have it prepared for you to pick up, pay and be on your way! Just let us know that you intend collecting your order by ticking the "Pickup" option in the "Delivery Method" field during checkout.

Corporate Customers.

Break room supplies and cleaning products delivered straight to your office or workplace at great prices! Be it tea or coffee, sweeteners or creamers, snacks or refreshments, utensils or paper disposables; floor disinfectants, surface sanitizing solutions, bathroom cleaning products, hand soap or paper towels – we have it! 


With over 18 years’ experience in servicing all kinds of businesses and organizations we can provide you with a one-stop-shop solution to keep your office break room well stocked, and materials for your general office cleaning and sanitizing requirements always at hand. We boast a vast portfolio of customers ranging from small private businesses to large organizations including  educational and financial institutions as well as NGO’s.

No workplace too far or office too small – We deliver!  


We’d love to hear from you and discuss  your requirements . We guarantee  a fast response to your enquiries and an equally efficient delivery service.

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